Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gordon, they do not exist!

What goes buzz in my head in the middle of the night? Well I am often trying to remember a French word for such and such. However last night I thought about the "Credit munch" phrase borrowed from Henry the dogs Mum. Many people berate the Prime Minster in the UK, they think that he has done a bad job, many call him a plonker and far worse.

My problem is that I just don't get any of what is happening with the Munch at the moment. Do you remember that great big piece of kit under the ground near Switzerland costing BILLIONS. Some big bang machine if you have forgotten what I am thinking about here is a link Large Hadron Collider, and here some amazing pictures. I wonder what is happening with that project?

I recently read about some big white horse that will be costing 2 million some sort of Angel of the South, link here.

So whilst I appreciate art and find science interesting, this kind of spending bonanza puts my head in a spin. After all we know that there are no pots of gold at the rainbows end! If many people are having to change their lifestyles, why is it that some individuals received huge payouts.

My picture today is one of my words this week, sauterelle, grasshopper.

Where are the Golden Grasshoppers.

Here is a link to a facinating science blog.

The French word for jump is saute.

The French word for unfair is injuste

Etymology for the word moment.


Henry the Dog's Mum said...

Blu - my little brain is a bit confused too. I guess an economist could explain, but would I understand his/her explanations? Probably now. How can something go so badly wrong so quickly? Is part of it an infectious state of mind? They tell you it's bad, so it has to be doesn't it? Is it a placebo in reverse? Companies that were doing well only a year ago, suddenly going bust? By the way. The LHC excites me enormously. Well, it did until it broke! Those photos are absolutely incredible.

Henry the Dog's Mum said...

Spelling mistake. I meant to say 'probably not' not 'now'!

LadyFi said...

Golden grasshoppers? Wonderful!

I do understand that we need science to advance... but I don't understand why many big cheeses/heads of corporations etc.. are getting big hand-outs. That should be stopped!

Over here in Sweden, metal workers have to go down in work hours and wages, while bosses still get whopping great bonuses.

French Fancy said...

What about the Millenium Dome? What a waste of money that all was and it's only going to last about 20 years. I know it was (another) Tory mistake but the Labourites had a chance to cancel the project and did not choose to do so.

Great photo

Jilly said...

Hi Blu,

I found a pic of a sauterelle on Joshys hand last year - must do a blog on the insects joshy likes soon - I find them fascinating!