Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting things in proportion

I take many photographs each week, but recently I have been loading less and less onto Flickr. My laptop is bursting with photographs and I think that some springtime pruning is necessary.

Often when loading onto Flickr I load a picture, make a few minor adjustments, and then delete it. I often feel the need to crop, it is like a compulsion, but then when I look again if the composition isn't right it is deleted. I am getting very picky with my piccies.

Do you think that sometimes we just try too hard? A friend has been away skiing this week, which is a expensive sport which I love, but cannot enjoy these days. Anyway I used to find that by day three I was starting to try much too hard and the result was a bad frustrating day on the slopes.

What do you think about the pictures here, would you have chopped the top of Sarkozy's head off, there are a few who would like to do that for real! The Presidents head!
Here is a picture of a tree that has been felled in the forest, they chopped an awful lot off the top of this!

Chopped and Gone

Have a nice Saturday and I hope that you dont have to try too hard.

The French word for Springtime is Printemps.

The French word for pruning and shearing is cisailler.

PS...Oh dear LadyFi read this before I had corrected various bits, cause my PC crashed..or am I worrying more than I should!


LadyFi said...

I do think lots of people tend to aim for the perfect, the near unattainable.. I am not one of them though...

LadyFi said...

Relax! You're worrying too much... love the photo!

French Fancy said...

The older I get the more my latent perfectionist trait comes to the fore. I used to be much more laid back than I am these days.

bindu said...

I think life gets less interesting if you don't keep pushing yourself to try harder. Not to the point of stressing about it, but just the right amount.

Henry the Dog said...

Luckily, I am perfect, so it's dead easy for me. Mum never tries to be perfect because she knows she's no chance. She always settles for second best. Love the photo xxx

Blu said...

Umm so we need to relax more? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Stone said...


I know this feeling - getting picky with my pics :)