Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's well ard..and you don't get a tip.

I am taking a late lunch. Day didn't go as planned. I planned to go out and take some photos in Fougeres for a change, a change from all the tree pictures. I let woofer out in the forest on the way there and back. Umm well we did a couple of small walks, because I don't go far into the forest on my own and drove into Fougeres and parked the other side of the chateau (castle).

I told my dog that I was only crossing the road (ish) really only about a three minute walk because I had seen a different vantage point to shoot the castle. I don't know what happened next me honour........ because I reached in pushed button down on car and slammed the door shut. Voila........keys in car.

Virtually no credit on mobile phone.

MOH in another country.

My special friend off with boyfriend!
Oh and dog inside the car!!!!!

My other best mate, I don't have her phone number in my mobile, nor my neighbours, nor oh bugga, oops and blast.

So after I ask a young French man who is power washing his oh so new black motor, if he has a metal coathanger, I proceed to try to break into my car. At one point I am assisted by two French ladies, but they think that a garagiste is best. Ha ha open on a Sunday around here, these two Frenchies were not from around here!!!they were tourists. I persist with the coat hanger and am so close to getting the button thingummyjig to pop up it was doing my head in.

I need someone to talk to so I call MOH tell him of my stupid dilemma! Hes says that he will call back. When he calls back after another ten frustrating minutes of coathanger button fishing, he says smash the rear quarterlight windows. "OK Bye" says I since credit was diminishing on the phone, and I might need it!

At this point the driver from the car that had arrived ten minutes ago wanders over he speaks I scream because he makes me jump out of my skin. However he looked like my solution, no disrespect but he looked like he may have had a go at this car break into lark before.

Well he tried hard to get the button to jump up on my door, after he had ripped the rubber trim off the door ,and had poked around with the coat hanger inside the door, just like he knew what he was doing, but he failed too.

So I suggest the breaking of the window, and he goes for something and comes back with a crow bar. He beats the glass with the crow bar repeatedly, "it is hard" we say looking at the glass but........nothing happens.

He wanders off to find something else to beat the window with, and I start to pull back the rubber trim on the rear door, and I look down inside the wide 4 x 4 door.

Man returns and sees where I am looking inserts coathanger inside oldish 4 x 4 door.

And EEEHEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA...we have the car open.

He looked at me I thanked him ten zillion times, however I didn't have a bean on me...I am looking all I can offer him was another ten zillion thanks and I showed him my empty money recepticle!!!.....even my reserve note in the car had been spent.....he askes me "not even a sou"..................

I abandoned the photoshoot and drove off, happy for me but a little sad that I couldn't give this knight in his dirty old track suit bottoms a couple of coins....I waved goodbye...he smiled and probably swore under his breath.
Merci beaucoup........ I suspect he was a bit brassic skint!

This picture was taken a few weeks back just around the corner from the car park I was in today!

I love it here

The French word skint or broke is deche.

The French word to hit violently is frapper or break casser.

PS A link to swearing in French can be found on Keith's Diary.


LadyFi said...

Oh my goodness - what an adventure!! Amazing... I did laugh a bit - was that very naughty of me?

Blu said...

No I laughed as I wrote it!!!

Diane said...

Oh, I hate it when things like that happen! I normally lock/unlock my car with the little alarm thingy but it stopped working last week... so now I'm scared I'm going to lock my keys in. My dog would have a heart attack if anyone tried to get into my car, though... luckily yours is better behaved :)

Robyn said...

Oh frapper!

bindu said...

Quite a day! Glad it all got resolved ok. Must've been frustrating then, but now you have a great story! Lovely silhouette.

French Fancy said...

Oh I wouldn't have laughed - not with the dogs in the car.I'd have been running around likek goodness knows what. I'm so glad that bloke was able to help you - I would probably have gone to the gendarmes, burst into tears and played on their sympathies. As you say - Sunday in the French countryside is not exactly overflowing with people - you were lucky that chap was out.

claire p said...

One of those things that is funny after the event, and to everyone else. Hasen't happened to me yet, but give it time (only been driving a year). Glad you got back in. WHy do these things always happen when we're on our own?

Blu said...

I felt sure that somehow I would get the damn button to pop up, I didnt feel like asking the Cops. Funny thing how calm my dog was when the man was beating the window!!!.......

The car was parked in the shade so I wasnt too worried, but what a relief when the door was opened!!!

Henry the Dog's Mum said...

Oh my god - that is my idea of a nightmare. I'm truly dreading the day that something happens to me like that over here and having to use my terrible French. I'd die. I go to pieces when I'm upset or shy. You poor thing.

Henry the Dog said...

Well I laughed my head off:):):)

Blu said...

Those two are like split personalities...LOL.