Monday, March 30, 2009


The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. ~Samuel Johnson

I think we are all creatures of habit, we develop patterns and routines just like mother nature. Some of these habits are good, others are bad, but some cannot be explained.

I tried an experiment last night. I tried to sleep on the other side of the bed, its ok I do have permission. But although it might stop me lying on my dodgy hip, it all felt odd and I am not sure if I will take to my new side of the bed!

I went back to that spooky place last week, where the information boards claim that pagans sacrificed people on the huge flat topped rocks. So a church and crosses are dotted all around, I guess good versus evil. I am not convinced yet if there is any truth in the story, but it is an interesting place to take some photos, I like this one with a chain on a rock which has ivy wrapped all through the chain.

Ivy Chain

Are you chained to any of your habits, good or bad?

The French word for chain is chaine.

The French word for strong is fort.

Etymology for the word habit.


LadyFi said...

We are all chained to our habits. However, I do make it a 'habit' to try and break out of the mould every now and then!

French Fancy said...

I wonder if the scaremongering about the pagan ritual killings was the church's way of getting people 'on side'. Anyway, on to habits - well I kicked the biscuit one but do miss them. A cup of tea is so liquidy without a biscuit - so I'm kicking the tea now and moving on to our filtered water.

I'm very fixed in my ways with the side of the bed though.

Blogdog said...

Some of our habits we like, some of them we wish we didn't have to keep up but I guess a lot of them we need. Routine is important in our house particularly for some!

Couldn't change sides in the bed though - two hip replacements on the one hip mean it is not even up for discussion!

claire p said...

I seem to have too many chains to mention right now. Not all of them bad mind you, ok so most of them are bad, ho hum.

Diane said...

I have too many chains... most of them less-than-positive... and all of them forged, it seems, of titanium.

The bed one, though, was not so strong. When my marriage ended, I found myself alone in a big bed and I LOVED it. Now I sleep all over it... right side, left side, middle. I now find myself adjusting my spot for my 75lb mutt ;)


Love the image. Working on chain gang! Work is a habit I dearly woud love to break away from :O TFx

The Accidental Fan said...

Again Blu manages to get incredible colours from a digital camera.

I liked the added tone of the local mythology about the area, and how the churches stepped in with religious symbology to calm it down. Oddly giving credence to an even older mythology.

Blu said...

I am sure that the church, must have used this place to scold the French, and tty to make them tow the line.

bindu said...

The worst habits seem to be bound by the heaviest chains!! I have many of these ... life is a line of struggles to break free of these habits, or blissful, happy resignation.