Saturday, March 28, 2009

Springtime flowers for you

I have been playing tourist this week with a friend, which makes a change from doing the chores I am now ignoring. I did manage to fit in my two hours French class, but I haven't tackled my latest batch of homework!

We are out during the day wrapped up against the cold north winds and dodging showers. Evenings are spent watching movies on the DVD player, French tv is hard work for people who don't know the language.

The two films we liked best were Priceless, which stars the beautiful French actress Audrey Tautou, she barely manges to keep the dresses on! I like watching her like I like to watch Meryl Streep. "It is described as sparkling and seductive". Her co star is Gad Elmaleh.

We watched something completely different called Once, it is a kind of unplugged film, it feels very homemade, and it is about two musicians in Dublin, it comes with the F word in Irish. It is described as "A film that will warm your soul".

Here is a link to Priceless.
Here is a link to Once.

This morning the sun is shining so I should get some more photos today to play with. Have a great day, here are some flowers for you.

Funny Faces

The French word for sparkling in a jolly way is sémillant

The French word to unplug an electrical appliance is débrancher.


LadyFi said...

Sounds like you've been relaxing and having fun!

French Fancy said...

Those pansies look so sweet. Happy rainy spring.

Robyn said...

Pansies are always a sign of Spring for me. My mum used to plant them every year without fail.

claire p said...

It's been ages since anyone gave me flowers, thank you!

Blogdog said...

We clicked onto your blog because the little man saw flowers and was just talking about the fields of bluebells we used to be able to walk through when we lived in Belgium.

Then, we read you had just watched Once - we hope you liked it. It was made on such a low budget but developed a real cult following and won an Oscar for best song - which really made the film take off! We love it but then we're probably a bit biased!

bindu said...

So pretty! They look like a cluster is pencil shavings.