Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look like a child

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. ~Walt Streightiff

On Thursday my French class resumed after the Easter hols and we were given more poems. Prof would like us to write what we think about a poem called A man and an ant! written by Alain Bosquet. Well we read the poem and even when we understood all the words and phrases there are chunks of it that make no sense at all! So I searched for another which I like instead, not keen on ants this week!

A different Poem by Alain Bosquet

A child said to me:
This stone is a sleeping frog.

Another child said to me:
The sky, it is very fragile silk.

A third child said to me:
The ocean when it is afraid, it shouts.

I do not say anything, like a mouse.

The dream of a child it is a law.
And then I know that stone,
Really is a frog, but instead of sleeping
it looks at me.

About the poet Alain Bosquet

Sometimes it is good to see the world like a child. In January I saw what was left of this tree and thought I saw an elephant.

Elephant in Bretagne.

The French word for eyes is yeux
The French Slang word for eyes is mirettes....I like that word.



Oh that's so good hear, means I've not got to grow-up yet. A like the image :-) TFx

Clive said...

Funny we looked at it and saw a duck - but there you go!!

♥ Braja said...

It is an elephant :) And yes, it's good to see things like a child from time to time....refreshing...

LadyFi said...

Love that quote! It is so true - we should always always see the world as kids see it: so full of miracles and wonder!

Robyn said...

Oh yes I see the elephant!

Beautiful poem. We need to remind ourselves to see like a child.

Dar said...

It's an elephant looking cross-eyed at an acorn resting on it's trunk. :)

Blu said...

TF ~ Grow up never.
Clive ~ Duck..I have gone quackers looking for the duck.
Braja ~ Refreshing um nice word
Lady Fi ~ Miracles and wonder thats nice
Robyn ~The poem is actually nicer in English!
Dar ~Cross eyes ha ha

bindu said...

It's definitely a baby elephant! How cute. R and I hate driving, so on long road trips we sometimes pass the time by spotting things in clouds and quizzing the other (no accidents so far!).

Dave Jones said...

My children help me see things all the time. my youngest son takes the most amazing photos from the eye of a child.

Great post. Regards Dave