Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big girls blouse ?

Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. ~German Proverb

The last few years I have heard that there is a shortage of bees, well certainly I for one have seen no shortage! I have a garden and so I understand how they help the gardener, and the farmer. But this year I have seen so many different types of bees and so many buzzing around at their work it is odd.
Of course I have a reason for being observant when it comes to bees, I am allergic to their stings and so i am a little bit afraid. No I am afraid big time. Friday evening we sat outside, but I retreated indoors many times because we have become very popular with a hornet! Last summer we had several kamikaze hornets, who late at night dive bombed our outside light!
Agh I went outside again only to give up as the hornet came back; later however the coast was clear.

Here is a shadow of a lamp near the castle in Fougeres. There are some beautiful street lights here.

So what makes you afraid ?

The French word for fear is peur, sounds a bit like purr.

The French word for frighten is effrayé

Origin for the word afraid.



I'm afraid of the big bad wolf. (Death)

Nice image. Buzz, Buzz ;-) TFx

LadyFi said...

Wow - that's a great photo!

I'm afraid of wasps and hornets too.

claire p said...

Spiders. Not keen of wasps, especially when the crawl up your trouser leg and sting you!!!

John said...

You take some great photographs Blue...........not keen on hornets myself.

Blu said...

Seems like wasps have few friends.

French Fancy said...

I hate wasps, mozzies, in fact anything that can bite or sting. I have an allergic reaction to mozzie bites - they swell up alarmingly and often get infected (yes, from all my scratching)

Bees - however - I find charming and velvety and they have never bothered me.

Lovely photo

bindu said...

Such a beautiful picture! I love the texture of the wall and the delicate shadow. I am afraid of leeches on a wet hike, and of groups of worms or cockroaches. I've been erratic about blogging ... hopefully will get better at it soon.

Carol and Chris said...

I'm not a fan of mosquito's!! Like French Fancy I am allergic to their bites...they swell up and are incredibly sore!! Chris says that I should be hired out for weddings, funerals and bar mitzvah's because then no-one else would get bitten!!

C x

Clive said...

Mice and rats terrify me!

Was raking some leaves in the garden this afternoon and uncovered a nest of bumble bees! Bees went everywhere but I actually didn't mind that much!! We used to keep bees at home and having half a dozen hives means you get used to getting stung!

If I had of seen a mouse today - that would have been another story!

Robyn said...

I would also be nervous if I was allergic to bees. Cockroaches don't sting but when I see a flying roach in Summer I run for my life. (shrieking all the way)...and yet I'm not afraid of snakes. Doesn't make sense does it?

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