Monday, May 18, 2009

You only live once?

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. ~Author Unknown

Today I was with a friend helping her sort through some paperwork. I knew that my library books needed to be returned by the 18th and so Saturday morning I chanced a trip into Fougeres looking for a parking spot near the bibliotheque/library, necessary since last time I had chosen heavy books...dummy... As luck would have it I had a parking fairy and she found me a spot just by the library, yippeee not bad for a Saturday morning and market day too. After some confusion in the library and returning, and choosing new books I left and spent a few minutes in the Jardin Public to take a few pictures; it is a very pretty park and well tended, a special place to savour the views, and enjoy the ever changing flower displays. The weather was ok but rather windy.

Water framed

Seen any musicians?

Bold and Bright!

I hope that flower isnt too bright for you!

The French word for paperwork is paperasse.

The French word to look after/maintain is entrenir


Carol and Chris said...

I love going to the library and can quite happily spend hours wondering about....I do the same in book shops...there is just something wonderful about being surrounded by all those words!!

Beautiful pictures as always :-)

C x

Blu said...

Thanks Carol, I do need pictures in my books though, since there are so many French words to learn.

claire p said...

I love a good library. We have a mobile one comes round as well. A dangerous place though, too many books!!! I need at least another three lives to read everything I want to.

And yes the photos are lovely, always are.

French Fancy said...

You put me quite to shame. For about 6 years I've talked about joining the local library but I've never got around to it.

I'm still quite amazed you've never heard of Jordan (aka Katie Price) and Peter Andre. I wish I hadn't come to think of it

Blu said...

Claire I know what you mean about needing more time.

French Fancy, I think perhaps I went native and I dont involve myself with much of the stuff that goes on in England, a bit strange I guess?

Clive said...

Enjoyed those flowers photos - the rain is neverending here. Lovely to see it dry elsewhere.

I have about 10 books beside my bed for reading, three half read and one nearly finished. Should be there at the moment trying to catch up but then when would I ever get time to blog!

LadyFi said...

Love the spring colours. And that Water Framed photo is brilliant!

bindu said...

Nice picture of the waterfall. Looks like spring has come there!

♥ Braja said...

The Water Framed photo is gorgeous but I'm STILL looking for the musicians :))


Do you want me to sing you a wee little song? Great photos TFx