Friday, May 1, 2009

Putting on a performance

Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best. ~Henry van Dyke

On Wednesday evening just for an hour I sat and listened and applauded inside the beautiful theatre in Fougeres.

I had been asked if I would like to attend and listen to some music students who play for an hour every month. I struggled to find a parking place close to the Theatre and so I was relieved to see that the French lady who I was meeting outside was late too.

The Theatre Victor Hugo in Fougeres is tiny, but so beautiful I was not disappointed.

To start us off two young pianists played, the pieces were very short and sweet. The high point in the music for me was two talented Saxophone players, I do love the saxophone..bravo..

A young French boy played a huge trombone which almost hit the deck, and the music he played was comical and entertaining.

The violins had us squirming in our seats, I thought maybe the pieces played were too challenging! The entertainment was wrapped up by three folk songs all in English! All in all I enjoyed the music and the surroundings and company.

I dont have many photographs with a musical theme, however I did take this picture of a picture a few days ago in Fougeres. I like the confusion of the reflections and the little girl in pink.

A famous musician John Lennon.

Next time I will leave home earlier so that I can stroll around town first!

The French word for students is étudiante.

The French word for paperclip is Trombone.



What a lovely post Blu.

I really love that image of yours. Tres Bien


Jude said...

Sounds truly lovely.

French Fancy said...

How nice that you have palled up with a Frenchie - great for entente cordiale and also the language skills.

Screechy violins would make my ears hurt I think but the rest of it sounded lovely.

Unusual picture


claire p said...

I want to move to France!!

LadyFi said...

Love the photo! Sounds like an interesting concert - apart from the squalling violins, perhaps! ;-)

John said...

What a great photo.....I got give peace a chance first, then John Lennon

bindu said...

So many layers in that photo!

Dar said...

I enjoyed your description of the concert, and I love the photo. the reflected scene, especially with the little girl, just seems appropriately combined with the thought of giving peace a chance. Nice. :)