Friday, June 26, 2009

A different world?

I am never bored anywhere: being bored is an insult to oneself. ~Jules Renard

Town or Country person?

I have recently been entertained by watching locals dance at a Fest Noz, weird dancing but the music was ok. It was held in a brightly lit Sports hall, I watched perched on a hard wooden pew!

Last weekend I scoffed moules and frites at a nearby Fete de la Musique, we all turned out to watch two bands play,yes only two! oh and some elderly folks dance Breton style.

This weekend it is the local Kermess, where we will watch a bunch of young children dance around in costume at the local football pitch. And eat a plate of frites with something, unless of course you dont eat meat.

The next Fete de la something is for flowers. Also at a village over yonder a pre Bastille day celebration will be held, we can enjoy fireworks, watch sizzling sausages smoke, and munch through another plate of frites.

So if this all sounds a bit dull perhaps the reality of rural life might be a shock.

Seeing Pink Elephants?

Spot the local character?

Yes the man on the left is Joseph, he turned out with his own guitar, er no he can't play but he enjoys life in his own world, and I hope you are too.

The French word to perch is se percher
The French word for pew is banc.


Carol said...

I love going to thinks like that and feeling like part of a community!! Hmmm, but I also like the anonymity of big cities too....there is just no pleasing some folk is there :-)

C x

Carol said...

Oh, did you take any pictures of the Abbey you visited? It sounds like an interesting place :-)

C x

bindu said...

Sounds like the whole town is enjoying the summer. I love that quote - very true. I've been away from blogging for a while, and so just catching up. Hope you are well!

LadyFi said...

Good on Joseph!

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!

Ken Devine said...

I enjoyed the experience in Billio last year, but yeah, the dancing is weird. It was difficult to see if they were enjoying it.

claire p said...

Think I might be seeing a lot of pink elephants over the weekend!!
I was a city girl, now a country one. On balance if they could put Harrods in the country I'd be very happy!