Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lazing around

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen

Last week I took my library books back to the old library, it is closing its doors after 126 years and in September down the hill from the Bibliotheque a new Mediatheque will replace the old.

Children, students and workers are soon to be on holiday. That afternoon after I left the old library, I walked around to the Jardin Public. Teenagers shouted and laughed at jokes, some ran around calling out to one another.

I saw a small group looking up at a lad as he told them some story.
There was a magical feeling of happiness, that end of term fever.


Everything starts a fresh in September, and the new library will be a building with walls of glass, named, La Clairiere.

If you have been dashing around, or studying like mad I hope that you can enjo
y some lazy days soon.

A French word for relaxed is reposant
A French word for young lad is gars


bindu said...

How nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the summer ... if it weren't so hot here, I would be outside. But it's 100+ degrees all the time.

Carol said...

Oh, I love that quote!!

C x

Ken Devine said...

You just evoked a pleasant memory I had of end of term.

claire p said...

Oh so do I! I suspect my weekend will be anything but relaxing!!

French Fancy said...

A shame the old library is closing after so long. We have a mediatheque one in our town and is one of the reasons the taxes are so high - I hope yours don't increase from it

LadyFi said...

Summer hols started mid-June so we are all now being lazy and hot!

Blu said...

Bindu.100 +........my oh my too hot.

Glad you like the quote Carol.

Memories and relaxing...mmmmmmm nice.

French fancy I am sure the taxes will keep going UP.

Dave Jones said...

Blu, thank you. You have reminded me of wonderful summers past and more to come. Regards Dave