Monday, February 15, 2010


Life is like a downhill ski run!!! goes much too fast and unexpected bumps sometimes catch you out! ~ Blu!

Sorry that I have not been around much but something unexpected happened, which will be consuming my time for the next few days. No one was hurt but a car may be written off!

Needless to say that the car below is not mine, there is a man nearby who collects vintage cars and organises the occasional rally!

A beautiful car.
délit de fuite ~ hit and run ~ failure to stop after an accident!

I recently received an award from Carol and we need to quote some favorite things
~ One of my favorite things is driving a car!


LadyFi said...

So sorry to hear about your car - but glad you are OK. Have you managed to track down the other driver - or has he disappeared into thin air?

This happened to me once - so frustrating!

ArtPropelled said...

Blu, I'm happy to hear that you are fine. Sorry about the car. Hit and Run happens a lot here and it is so unfair! Hope you get through the inconvenience of it all with as little stress as possible.
Love your canal painting in the sidebar.

Blu said...

Thank you LadyFi, the man has been found so that will help matters!

Thanks ArtPropelled, and thank you for the kind comment re the Brest canal painting.

French Fancy said...
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French Fancy said...

This is such a rotten thing to happen and I really feel for you. Even if someone is not injured it is still a shock and, also, something in which we normally feel safe and secure is damaged.

I am so glad they have managed to trace the man - to me just to drive off is the ultimate in cowardliness. I am so glad you have a witness too. It makes all the difference

I like your new blog layout - and the French phrase on the side - although I hope it is not based on your experience


What a bummer for you and the car.:O TFx

Blu said...

Thanks for your comments French Fancy and Tom Foolery, it is great to have Blog friends!!!!

性感的我 said...
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Dave Jones said...

Hi Blu. glad you are ok, cars can be mended easier than we can. Glad they found the chap. I just love the picture of the blue car; they just don't make cars today that look so wonderful. For myself I dislike driving its just something that I have to do. I hope you sort out the car worries soon. regards Dave

Blu said...

Thanks Dave, your comments is much appreciated!

Ken Devine said...

Hi Blu
My blog is not reminding me when you update. I thought you were laid up. I'm glad you are okay.
I've never had the experience but I can imagine the shock of it all, not to mention trying to get back to normal.

Get back to 100% soon.

Blu said...

thank you Ken thank you for the comment. I think I am fine now if a little wary! I was not on a hill, bend, junction, or roundabout, just driving along and hit at speed from behind!

mooaany said...

Such an enjoyment to travel around in your blog!!!

I see TAS badge in a good place!