Friday, September 10, 2010

Oriental tapis

Today I chose the photograph which really resulted in my journey back into art, it was taken in the forest on a cold February morning. I posted the picture onto my blog, some time later fellow blogger Carol asked if she could paint one of my photographs and she chose this photograph.

I liked what she painted and I was inspired to start using photographs as inspiration for art. My photograph and painting are shown below, I thought the colours in my art were like an Oriental rug.

February Colours

Oriental tapis

Both images are in my Made a favorite folder on Flickr.

Link to Carols blog here.

In Brittany every summer there are many marching bands and they parade at the many fetes in the towns and villages. The biggest parade is held in Lorient during the Festival Interceltique, where they play the bagad If you hate the bagpipes you will hate the Breton version too!

Lorient was originally a place for warehouses and shipyards, established there in the 17th century, it was named L'Orient (The Orient). Trading in India was big business and the French East India Company was later founded there. Lorient grew as a port and was badly bombed during World war II since many German submarines were based there.

Submarine in French is sous marin
Warehouse is entrepôt.


Anonymous said...

Both the photo and the painting are superb!

Lee said...

Great photo,
Great painting,
Great compliment.

French Fancy... said...

The pictures and your words make me slightly French home-sick. Brittany has so much space - and where we are in Kent really doesn't.