Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blogs old and new

Blogs old and new

Blogs that I follow, take a look at Robyn's blog, not only is she the most talented artist who carves totems and panels but she blogs other people's incredible work too.! I have been following Robyn's blog for a very long time and it is always worth a visit, she lives in beautiful South Africa! Just click here Art Propelled.

My second link is to a new Internet friend Sand625 who creates wonderful, digital art, and produces some very colourful images. Just click here Sand625

A few L words..
Lunetier...a spectacle manufacturer.
Lutin an elf, goblin or pixie.

Todays picture is Lions Tooth from the French dent de Lion, the name has nothing to do with the flower head of the common dandylion but the leaves which are shaped like teeth. Rather odd since the French call it Pissenlit which means wet the bed perhaps because it is a diuretic.

More links soon

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to check out these links.

Lovely luscious flower - just like a sun. And I like your new name and header too.