Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm addicted to stats ~

Torture numbers, and they'll confess to anything. ~Gregg Easterbrook ~

Just like comments are welcome here on blogger, I love looking at my stats on Flickr umm I know I am a bit addicted.

So I thought I might share which photographs got the highest number of views (not art) from my stats this week!..Hotchpotch post!

An old favorite called Sway

Paris Champs Elysees trip to see Monet's art at the Grand Palais

Engulfed a puddle picture

Heart in the Sky ( I love looking at the canopy in the forest)

Twists & Turns (yes it is upside down)

A rather old shot taken on a hot summers day Golden Arch

Inside a pepper

Red Pepper was posted for the Week 5 of The 52 week project.

I often cook with the warm coloured peppers, red, yellow orange. I love to make veggie sauces for pasta, or a good veg chilli. I despair what the big companies like Monsanto are doing to our food and the Governments let them!

I wonder what your addictions are, apart from food and drink!

Cats wire is addicted to netting LINK HERE

Some French words

number of people, nombre

number (numeral) chiffre

telephone number, numéro


Dave Jones said...

Hi Blu I just adore your photos of trees. they just capture my view of the ideal walk in the ideal woodland. I just want to jump into the Golden Arch photo and sit against a tree carving. Regards Dave

Deborah said...

I found you through Leovi's site - and what a treat... (Does that show up in the stats?!) I love the inside of the red pepper, and I have a words and pictures in France blog too, though with the emphasis on the words.

Anonymous said...

What luscious photos! Stunning.

My obssessions? Well, blogging and reading and, of course, photography!

Paul and Roz said...

One of the things I moan about is although my blog has traffic I have few comments, but I look at so many blogs and don't comment myself!!! So I want to say how much I enjoy looking at your photographs, Keep them coming Blu

Ken Devine said...

Yes, a pleasure to be here, Blu.

Dors said...

Enjoyed your photos Blu. great photography. Love the trees ( Golden Arch).

I will check out your Flicker site.
Have a great day .