Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A month of green ~

~~ "Hot July brings cooling showers,Apricots and gillyflowers."-
Sara Coleridge, Pretty Lessons in Verse ~~

The ground was dry and parched, cracks appeared in the potager, the rhubarb wilted, the water butt was empty, but that was in April. This month July we have seen a lot of rain in Bretagne!

I walked through the Jardin Public this week in Fougeres and it was very green indeed.

The colour Green

And in fact it was still raining when I took the photo but only light mizzle, what has your July/Juillet been like?

French words

Mist is brume

Heat haze is brume de chaleur

Chaleur (heat) comes from the Latin Calor,


Deborah said...

Storms and heavy rain here - incroyable!

(In answer to your question on my blog - Yes, I did set up a Twitter account, just the one as LanternAuthor, because I saw there were others already with my name, and I thought I'd better have something in hand if necessary. But I've had so much else going on, as well as trying to settle to write a new book, that I never got started. I have a feeling it would provide yet more online distraction...!)

ladyfi said...

Looks so lush and leafy! July has been pretty hot and dry!

Marithé et Alain said...

Très joli

Cassy said...

Green garden. I love it. Captured beautifully...

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