Friday, September 23, 2011

Fly like an eagle ~

Lone eagles soaring in the clouds, fly with silent peaceful poise, While turkeys in their earthbound crowds fill the atmosphere with noise ~ William Arthur Ward ~

Cannes was not really my kind of place, too many people and cars!  Yet I am sure it has lots to offer if you wander the back streets with a camera.  I love looking at old buildings doors and windows.

Back street Door Details

I spotted this lovely placque too, a bit over polished but elegant.

The Cannes film festival was launched in September 1946, marking the return of French cinema after world war II.

Some French

In crowds ~ dans la foule.
Calm, peaceful  ~ tranquille.

Tranquille is derived from Latin tranquillus quiet and calm.


ladyfi said...

What marvellous finds!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blu, still looking and enjoying your photos and paintings.

Regards Lib

Ken Devine said...

I'm glad you at least got to shop...both ways! I know what you mean about too many cars and people, but I still fancy a trip there one day.

I bet it's warm in Brittany right now.

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