Wednesday, September 21, 2011


~~ The average tourist wants to go to places where there are no tourists. ~ Sam Ewing

Absent?....yes I had my internet connection wiped out by a huge orage (storm), we lost various electrical appliances internet decoders etc...then I got things ready for a holiday and went to the South of France for a week stopping en route both ways.


We drove into Cannes it was a Sunday morning (Dimanche), we searched for some where to park and found a place down a side street. After a short walk in the heat we found a small restaurant also down a side street.

I am back now and it feels more like autumn, it is still summer down South.....more images to follow soon.

Feels like summer

Interesting buildings can be seen down the side streets away from the hordes and flashy motors.

Lovely Rustique
Of course if you have the money you can roast on the beach, (it is mostly private)

Sardine Racks
The sun makes everyone thirsty!

Some French
The French for thirst is soif
Heat (hot weather) is chaleur

Chaleur is derived from the latin Calor (heat, warmth, glow)


Leovi said...

Lovely, I like them all great creations, nice colors.

ladyfi said...

Glad to see you back - looks like a lovely sunny time in Southern France!