Friday, July 25, 2008

Chambardement, and the prices at the petrol stations

Friday and its time to buy the local paper again. Carte Militaire le grand chambardement, which kind of means turned UP sidedown or a big shake up!. There are going to be huge cutbacks and military bases will be closed.

Renault is to lay off 5000 employees.

People are buying less fuel for their cars (so they must be staying at home).

This week I have seen diesel at various prices from 1.36.7euros today at Carrefour Fougeres
middle price 1.39.9euros at LClerc St Hilaire du Harqouet & 1.44euros at Champion in our local town!!! Its a big concern to many of us.
I do own a 4 x 4 however it hasnt got a big engine, it doesnt run on petrol it runs on diesel it isnt a gas guzzler and I drive it like a pussy cat!
Anyway changing the subject I noticed this morning in my garden that some new flowers had popped up and look here is one of them!

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