Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dont just burn it

I recently saw a magazine showing pictures of people in the forest who were clog makers.

Lower classes often wore clogs, in France the name for clogs is sabots....this is also linked to the word sabotage. I have read that the lower classes threw their clogs into the machinery in factories ie sabotage, also that people associated the wearing of clogs to people who were not very productive.

Years back I wore wooden clogs but stopped when I had a puppy in the house, they get under your feet and little paws get squashed. She still gets under my feet but is a whole lot bigger.

This year I spent the summer wearing a pair of imitation crocs..sabots with holes in the top, very comfy they are too.

Which countries are beech trees native to?

Which countrues are oak trees native to?


French Fancy said...

The origin of words is so fascinating and I wonder if 'sabotage' goes back to the days of the Revolution. I also used to have a pair of clogs and my mum used to go mad about me clop clop clopping round the house. Imagine these days when carpetless houses are the norm.

Traveller said...

When I was at my first college I had no money so managed 3 years wearing a pair of bright yellow clogs with a fern green trim.You would be amazed at how many colours match that combination!!


bindu said...

interesting word associations!