Friday, November 14, 2008

On our doorstep

Wood there is oodles of the stuff here, but it isnt free or cheap. Wood is sold by the corde and when it is stacked in the forest it is normally stacked as a corde. We dont have central heating and so wood is our main source of fuel.

We live right near the wonderful forest, which is being transformed over the next fifteen years, the beech trees are to be replaced by oak trees. This is a relief I was afraid that it would all be turned into pine forest.
Did you know that some of the trees felled in France are shipped to China sliced up and turned into parquet flooring and then shipped back to France. I have even seen the Chinese lorries here in the forest of Fougeres.............Carbon footprints???


My favorite word is oiseau.


bindu said...

I pray that our need to consume more and more resources doesn't wipe off enchanting forests like yours. Why is beech being replaced by Oak? Which one is the native variety? The tree stump looks so sad ...

Blu said...

Oak will take a long time to grow but will sell for a higher price. Many of the beech trees are not in great shape. The forest is a comodity, and was harvested in a big way last winter.