Wednesday, November 12, 2008

French class

I simply cannot believe that it is time for my serious French class in the morning. I have been asked to talk about my new Hobby = Passe temps, photography.

My French is very poor, but it goes something like this

Je suis un membre de trois groupes Francais de photographie sur l'internet sur Flickr.

So yes I have been invited by French people who use Flickr to join their photo groups on the Internet. It means that I get to see some lovely photographs of Brittany /Bretagne too. If I had the time and money I would just travel around Brittany and take photographs. The French word for dream is reve. I am going to show a few of my pictures including this one.

Which is to appear on a CD, The English Symphony Orchestra playing Haydn, get out there and buy the CD and support them. Oh and send me a blank cheque.

If you don't have a French keyboard (yes they are different) then you may find the software that I use free of charge, which enables me to type..àâçèêœëî ......etc.


bindu said...

Gorgeous photo! And congrats on getting it on a CD cover.

French Fancy said...

I've seen that somewhere else - I wonder where:)

Thrilled you got the CD cover deal, I hope it's the start of many more.

Traveller said...

Oh,yes, 'The Good News,Blu Thread' the sound of you getting a blank cheque. Just one of hundreds of your great photographs. :))

Blu said...

I am starting to get more critical of my pictures, and I am not sure if that is good or bad. I only ever intended to take the pictures as a record of my day for my Mum to see. But I guess we are all the same and once we start something we start to analyse it.

Traveller said...

I don't think that analysing your pictures is a negative thing,Blu.The more you take the more you will start to really 'look' and see differences. Having feedback on Flickr can give you 'other' ways of seeing what other people see in your images-not a bad thing to happen.