Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who has the disease?

When I was young I thought that the UK had a bad reputation for strikes, I remember phrases like "Its the British disease". I think the UK loves to give itself negative labels.

Now I find that in fact it is a French disease, striking is something they do a lot. They strike so often I wonder if they are taken seriously. The students and some of their lecturers have been striking, it seems that this country tries to pigeon hole young people and the system isn't flexible enough.

I am finding out more and more about the problems that face the workers in France. High unemployment, high tax, but even if you find a job wages can be very low. Many thought that Sarkozy was the man to bring about change, can he do it?

Since Sarkozy's election the world also has this new problem with the irresponsible attitude of the banks.

The local paper is following three young people seeking employment, I guess because they are in the spotlight they will all find employment soon, anyway I wish them luck.
My picture today is a clump of bluebells growing in the garden last year, ding dong.
Ring in the changes.

The French word for strike is grève.

The French word for unemployment is chômage

PS.I find it funny that many Brits who live or visit France often dont know who the French Prime Minister is, they think it is Mr Sarkozy.


LadyFi said...

I knew he was President, but I admit I had to go to Wikipedia to find out that Fillon was the PM...

Henry the Dog said...

Those bluebells are lovely. Strikes are as French as the 'plat du jour' n'est-ce pas? I knew Mr Sarkozy was the President, but didn't know who was Prime Minister until a couple of weeks ago.

claire p said...

I love the way the French stand up for themselves, we should do it more over here.

The blubells are lovely, bring on spring!

French Fancy said...

I'm with Claire on this. The French prove that people power can and does make things change.

Lovely bluebells - I've not got any here and I want some now. Still my daffs are on the point of opening.

Carol and Chris said...

I agree with Claire and French Fancy....people power is the only way we will be able to change things....politicians don't seem to listen any other way!!

C x

Touring in Brittany said...

I think time have changed... Strike is a just a game now in France

Anonymous said...

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