Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reading French can be like Shakespeare

I do wander everywhere; Swifter than the moons sphere; And I serve the fairy Queen. ~ William Shakespeare

Often when I read French I can understand every word yet can make no sense of it, it is like being back at school reading Shakespeare, it can take a while for the penny to drop!

Fairies live in forest's no? I think they must.

Fairy land

Fairy Queen

Magical homes appear overnight.

They live in a magical world of colour

It is great to dream, child like thoughts.

I dream one day I can read without any difficulty in French LOL,

Fairy is fée

Childrens fairy story is conte de fées


sarala said...

Beautiful photos and watercolor. I was just reading up on the legend of the salamandre after seeing it all over Chambord on my last trip to France. No fairies but plenty of myth.
I can read French pretty well when I'm awake, alert and full of energy. How often does that happen?

Ken Devine said...

I don't believe in fairies, but I don't know why that is, seeing you have photographic evidences. Lovely pics, Blu.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how did I miss these wonderful shots!

Longing for a bit of snow and frost over here!